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How to Use this Site

             How To Write Your Ad
1.     Determine your needs, is it to BUY, SELL, LEASE or VIEW PROPERTIES.
2.     What type of Property do you have?
        What type of Property do you desire?
3.     From the Navigation bar on the left, choose 1 of our 40 products most suitable
        to your needs. 
4.    The Product Page will populate allowing you to create your Ad.
5.     Write or create 1 Ad per property.
6.    SCROLL down the page, choose and CLICK the TEXT ELEMENT which best describe
       and is suitable to your property.
7.    Hit the SUBMIT button, to SUBMIT YOUR AD.
8.    ADD to CART, Fill in your personal information as required by the ecomerce account.
9.    Immediately a copy of your Ad will be received in your email inbox.
10.  To VIEW your personal Ad go to
       within 24 to 36 hours your Ad will be posted on our webpage for public exposure. 


1. Are you a Realtor, a Professional, a Seller, a Buyer or a Visitor?

2. Choose the type of property you are interested in Desires Want Ads, Classified, Residential, Commercial or Industrial. 

3. View the property in the prospective category, choosing the type of property most suitable to your needs.

4. After selecting the property suitable to your needs, choose the income bracket which would qualify you for a mortgage.

5. Contact the listing Broker, the listing Agent or the Property Owner associated with the advertisement which meets your needs, contact them by one of the various methods of communication provided in the advertisement, and contact them immediately to arrange an appointment to view the property.

6. If you endorsed a Buyers Brokerage Agreement, kindly ask your representing Broker to arrange an appointment to view the property together.

7. Upon viewing the property should the Mortgage Broker find you financially qualified for the property, the property satisfies your real estate and your emotional needs.

8. Make a written offer on the property, in New York the form is called an Offer To Purchase, the name would vary in each State or Area.

9. In NY an Offer To Purchase means that the offer is SUBJECT to a FORMAL CONTRACT which will be drawn up by the representing Attorney. However,

10. With the written offer your representing Broker can begin to negotiate on the terms and the price of the property for you.

11. In many States through out the Country an Attorney is not used in the Real Estate transaction. Use the appropriate statue within your State or the State where the property is located for  a Legal Binding Contractual  Agreement.

12. As Contractual Law varies in each State, we realize that the law will also vary drastically when used outside the United States. For this reason we urge that you comply with the Real Estate Laws in your  respective Country for a binding agreement.

13. After the formal  contract is drawn up, it will be endorsed by you and the seller. Congrats!!!

14. A copy will be used by your Mortgage Broker for the mortgage application.

15.With the variation within each State or each Country, your mortgage qualifications and your financial ability. A closing could be scheduled as early as  3 weeks to 45 to 90 days or more from the day the original contract was signed.    

              Congratulations!!!!! to all on the successful completion of your Real Estate transaction.




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